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Latest Study on Heart-Healthy Diets!


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Preventing — heart disease could be as easy as changing your diet even for people at high risk.

An impressive new study suggests switching to a Mediterranean diet high in fruits vegetables and good fats.

Can prevent 30% of heart attacks strokes and deaths from heart disease.

Doctor — there is an adjunct assistant professor at LSU Health Science Center in Shreveport a frequent guest of ours.

30% reduction in in — heart attacks and heart problems.


A significant number when you consider the fact that heart disease is really the than the number one killer in the nation.

You’re absolutely right John and this is the first kind of large study.

That actually proved it clinically.

In the past we had talked about the Mediterranean diet and kind of anecdotally.

Said that people that lived in that region seem to have less hard to me than we knew.

That there were good fats — it but this study specifically looked at switching people.

To a Mediterranean diet which is.

— boy at all.

Not — have good fat from a lot of fish sometimes poultry very little red meat.

And even red wine itself so — signature glass of red wine at dinner with your — whatever whatever you’re putting on the table.

Right pretty enjoyable diet to eat so.

What is it about a — diet that that makes.

That reduces heart disease.

Well if those types of fat.

That are in olive oil or canola oil and fish the Omega three fat those are very heart healthy.

And you know this is an easier diet to stick with the strict low fat diets are kind of hard just stick — although not everyone is convinced there are some people.

That are very pro low fat Apple’s Stein Hornish they pointed out that this — do start to these.

But it doesn’t reverse that inmate claims sticking — — begin diet.

Will actually reverse that but again that’s harder to stick to in the key — you need to do something that’s a lifelong change.

Now let’s turn to another topic the incidence of whooping cough is on the rise in this country we’ve talked about that before.

Now we’re hearing that a lot of doctors are telling adults to get immunized even if they’ve been immunized as children why is that.

Because well there’s two reasons for that and it’s very interesting.

Because it appeared even people that naturally got — — survived it.

They don’t have this lifelong immunity they can get it again unlike may be measles or chicken pox where it’s rare to get it again.

On so they’re seeing that and then there’s a new string that they found that actually is resistant to the vaccine we have.

So — — are docked at a public health measure.

You know if someone comes in and needs a tetanus shot.

I ask them the last time that they ever got a booster for tetanus and won’t — off and not give them a tetanus shot that has the won’t think — And did theory and it it’s called the T — shot instead of the regular tad bit.

But any one — an adult that’s gonna be around kids less than twelve months of age should consider getting a booster of the were hoping cough because.

It’s a fatal disease in small children adults usually do.

K with that so the best way to protect kids just heartbreaking to you to watch that video of little kids on — — can’t stand watching — Doctor — — thank you.