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Deterring Deer

The goal is to discourage feeding from the start. You don’t want them to think of your yard as a buffet. Drastic remedies include 6’ -10’ high fencing and electronic devices which can be very effective in severe cases. There are lots of home remedies including hair and soap.

A good one to try is very simple. Take an egg white and mix it well into a gallon of water and spray that around your yard. It will smell like rotten eggs, but is so diluted only the deer will notice. Dogs are also good deer deterrents.

There are all sorts of products you can buy to protect your garden from deer. The stranger ones I’ve seen are coyote and mountain lion urine – doesn’t appeal to me much! Most are not organic and shouldn’t be used on garden crops.

wireless deer fence

I have recently discovered a new method for deer control that is a perfect solution for gardeners everywhere. It’s a wireless deer fence that is a 19″ post with an attractant and mild shock that trains deer to avoid the area. Learn more.

There have been significant advances in organic controls for deer, rabbits, squirrels and even dogs and cats. One company I heartily recommend is, which has a full line of safe sprays you can use directly on edible plants.