Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Water Worries?

There is a great amount of concern for the water supply in this country. Droughts are becoming more common and water usage is constantly increasing. Instant Organic Gardens are the best at saving water in several ways…

Our gardens are smaller. An old-style garden might be 20′ x 20′, which is 400 feet. It takes almost 300 gallons to water a 20 x 20 garden to one inch of water per week. A family of four can set up two raised beds which is only 40 square feet of garden space. It needs less than 30 gallons of water per week, which is easily gathered in rain barrels, by placing a tub in your shower, or by setting jugs to collect water from the sink as you turn on hot water for dishes.

100% of the space is used for planting. No need to water the paths.

The soil contains compost and peat moss, which are great at retaining water.

Intensive planting means that plants are close together, which shades the soil, conserves moisture and increases the harvest.

Finally, we use the most efficient plants possible, those that take up the least space and offer an ongoing harvest.

So don’t worry about running out of water for your Instant Organic Garden!

The chlorine in most city water is very harmful to your garden. It is added to water to kill harmful bacteria, so over time it kills the bacteria in your garden soil. We recommend our Chlorine Filter from our online store. It removes the chlorine from 25,000 gallons of water, which should last the average gardener 2-4 years. After that, the filter medium can be changed for another 25,000 gallons.

The filter screws into your spigot and your hose attaches to the other side. It’s like having your own rain barrel!

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