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Survivalist Gardens!

Coming Soon – “The Survivalist Garden”

Whether you’re concerned about short power supply interruptions due to natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes or floods, or more dire events such as terrorist attacks or disruptions, there is renewed interest in self-sufficiency, readiness and preparedness in this country. These interests include self-reliance, living a sustainable lifestyle, concerns about how we impact our environment, but also relate to day-to-day life – teaching your children about nature and how plants grow, helping them eat healthy food, or just saving money on your grocery bill.

Whether you’re in a survivalist situation or just trying to survive from paycheck to paycheck, everyone likes the idea of growing food in their own back yard. But the traditional methods of gardening require too much work, too much space and too much knowledge. An average small garden to supplement your grocery bill is 20×20. Digging, tilling and weeding can take an hour a night. Most families these days have big houses, but small yards, or they have a big yard, but nowhere with enough sunlight to sustain a garden. And few people know about soil preparation, which plants are weeds, or disease and insect controls.

Don Rosenberg, owner of Instant Organic Garden and author of the book, “No Green Thumb Required! Organic Family Gardening Made Easy” will soon be releasing his new book, “The Survivalist Garden” that approaches gardening using small, productive raised beds and weedless soil. In fact, all you have to do is plant seeds once a season and water your garden twice a week.

This is knowledge you can use in everyday life to supplement your grocery bill, or take with you in any situation to start a productive garden in any setting.

Check back to this page to see updates on how the book is going and maybe even see some chapter previews!