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We love Instant Organic Gardening!

We are loving our instant garden! The excitement of the little seeds bursting into little plants! The whole idea of growing what we need to eat! How cool is that?! And it organic! And it connects us to the earth. Don is a wealth of knowledge and very responsive and friendly. We were quasi-gardeners – we had the general idea, had tried in the past, but had such limited results and now we’ve become so busy, that a traditional garden really was out of the question. I think Don should have his own HGTV show! Gardening is a way of voting for what I believe in – we the people are speaking with our dollars and our actions. We want food that is locally grown, without chemicals, from great seeds, and that is affordable (after the initial outlay for the beds and the expert advice)! And now with Don’s system, it’s doable.
If you’ve been pondering doing a garden like we were, do it now.
Pros: Knowledge, Service, Value

Recommended: Yes




Organic Gardening at its BEST!
Don and his Instant Organic Garden concept are terrific. After the fun “veggie quiz”, he put together a plan and came by to install our garden in two hours! Everything germinated, the transplants are thriving, and we can’t wait for some yummy, healthy organic veggies. The blueberry bushes we got from Don are doing great, too. Don is a pro, his website and service are excellent, and I’d recommend this to anyone interested in growing their own veggies.

Oh, and NO WEEDS!
Pros: great service

Recommended: Yes



Veggies in a box

This was so easy to do. I had always wanted a veggie garden but didn’t want to do all the tilling and prep work. Don came to the rescue! He and my husband had this garden installed and planted within 2 hours! Everything is coming up beautifully. If I have any questions or problems Don is very quick with responses.

Pros: easy, easy, easy

Recommended: Yes



Easiest gardening I have ever done!

We own a small Organic Market in NoDa and Don put in a trellis bed in our front yard. We were amazed at how many different varieties of vegetables we could get in the bed. In the past we have avoided doing a garden because of the work we thought would be involved but Don helped us with the whole thing from what to plant and when, to how to maintain it and it was easy! My entire family enjoyed watching the progress. Much sooner than we expected we were eating fresh delicious organic vegetables from our own garden. We are hoping to add some more beds soon.

Pros: Excellent service, friendly, very informative and helpful

Recommended: Yes



Happy Campers
My 90 year old father wanted a vegetable garden. I have the ability but didin’t have the time. My father has the time but not the ability. Instant Organic Garden to the rescue: They came, they built, they planted and they followed up. The garden is beautiful and my father is a happy camper-so am I. We can?t wait to harvest.

Thanks Don.

Recommended: Yes



Great Gardening Help
We had always wanted to have a vegetable garden but with no gardening knowledge thought we would end up with an eyesore that would produce little if we were lucky. When we heard about Instant Organic Garden it sounded exactly what we needed. Within two weeks of speaking to Don, we had three raised beds installed in our back yard. Although Don and his team did all the hard work, Don made sure to involve me and my children in the planting. My kids are so excited to be growing their own food. The beds are neat and relatively small and we are able to grow organic produce which is quite hard to find in Charlotte. For us also, the fact that Don is so responsive to our questions and is there to give us help and advice during the growing season outweighs our lack of experience. We highly recommend this business.

Pros: Expert help. Really instant!

Recommended: Yes



Raised vegetable garden – instant fun and healthy food!
We have a large backyard with lots of sun. After going to a garden club presentation on growing vegetables, I realized that I needed to put that good sun to use. The only thing stopping me was that I knew that I would not ever take the time to build a raised bed on my own, nor do I know anything about the type of “good dirt” needed for growing vegetables. Don was extremely responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He did it all in speedy time and before I knew it, little sprouts were coming up from that good dirt! My entire family has enjoyed this new adventure and we would highly recommend Don’s services to anyone interested in owning a raised vegetable bed. It’s fun!

Pros: fast and knowledgeable service,

Recommended: Yes



WOW! Anyone can be a gardener with Don’s help!
After several failed attempts by myself to create a family garden, I got smart and called in an expert to help. Instant Garden helped us with everything and even involved our family meeting and surpassing all expectations. The guidance is fast and recognizes that we are not professional gardens. We have plants growing for the first time and my kids are very excited about eating what we planted and grew together. We highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone who has tried to create a garden on their own. It is worth every penny!

Pros: Convenience, knowledge

Recommended: Yes