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The Instant Organic Garden Story


Lots of people would like to grow their own organic vegetables, but don’t have the time, space or knowledge to make it happen. They think organic gardening is a lot of work – digging, tilling, and worst of all – weeding.

Instant Organic Garden founder, Don Rosenberg, says, “Over the last twenty years I’ve been working on ways to make organic gardening easier and easier. I use what I’ve learned about the ancient techniques of intensive terrace gardening and the latest research on materials, soils and organic gardening.”

The goal is to take out 90% of the physical work in getting your organic garden started and keeping it running, and 90% of the mental work of deciding…

  • Where will I put the organic garden in my yard?
  • How much room will an organic garden need?
  • What materials do I need for a successful organic garden?
  • How should I prepare the soil for my organic vegetables?
  • What varieties of organic vegetables can I use?
  • What organic vegetables will it make sense to grow and when do I plant?

Don started his organic gardening business in his home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, and installs raised bed organic vegetable gardens throughout the area. The concept is starting to spread across the country, with our first affiliate starting in San Diego, California. We talk with the family, discuss what kinds of organic vegetables they’d like to grow, go over site selection and planting plans, and then install a complete organic garden with weedless soil and organic fertilizers. The family’s workload is simply planting and watering as needed.

The reaction to these easy organic gardens inspired Don to write a book on how anyone can grow organic vegetables in their own back yard using inexpensive materials. It’s called “No Green Thumb Required, Organic Family Gardening Made Easy.” He goes through the entire process of how your own family can grow your own organic vegetable garden with a special emphasis on how to involve your children from start to finish.

This website is devoted to making organic gardening so easy that everyone can have an organic garden. You just need to know the basics of what you need to get started, learn about the different types of organic vegetables, discover how to maximize space and ensure a productive harvest, and learn some tricks on planting and harvesting your organic garden.

Instant Organic Garden is continuing to expand across the US. Click here for more information.

Learn more about Don Rosenberg and the creation of Instant Organic Garden. Click on the video below!

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