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Don Rosenberg explains his new approach on how to set up an easy vegetable garden using raised beds and weedless soil.  (35:00)

Why existing home soil is not good for a garden. How to eliminate digging, tilling and weeding. How to make productive gardens in small spaces. Details on raised bed size, what to grow. What is a “kitchen garden?” Value of fresh food. Why organic gardening is easier. Getting kids involved in gardening. Making your garden attractive. Heirloom seeds. Planting times across the U.S. Seeds vs. transplants. Fertilizing raised beds and seasonal transitions. Watering basics. What crops to plant. Gardening with kids. Spring/Fall “cool season” crops. Restaurant gardens. A model for sustainable living. Organic certifications. Garden sizing for your family.

Don Rosenberg talks about office gardens.  (21:00)

How to set up an easy garden using raised beds and weedless soil. A history of home gardens in the US. How office gardens make happy, healthy employees. How to set up an office garden.

Don Rosenberg brings in the New Year with some tips for winter gardens and how to plan for spring. (17:00)

How to make gardening easy for busy family. Definition of a kitchen garden. Harvesting strategies to maximize production. Costs for a home garden vs. buying from a store. Making small spaces productive. Dealing with a winter garden. Planting times for spring and summer gardens. Crops NOT to grow in a small garden.

Don Rosenberg suggests an alternative to buying roses for Valentine’s Day.  (14:45)

Adding color to your vegetable garden. Unusual lettuce varieties. Value of fresh food. How to eliminate the major work of a vegetable garden. Getting kids involved with the garden. Value of organic fertilizer and healthy soil. Heirloom seeds.

Don Rosenberg talks about kitchen gardens. (15:00)

What is a kitchen garden? Your best way to healthy eating. Dealing with limited time, space, and gardening knowledge. Making a garden easy with no digging, tilling or weeding. Money needed to start a garden. The value of a home garden for your kids. What you can grow in tiny spaces. “Nature deficit disorder.” Planting from seeds or transplants.

Don Rosenberg discusses fall gardening. (18:00)

Why traditional gardens are so much work. Affordable soil, organic fertilizers, eliminating weeds. Starting times for a fall garden. Making small spaces productive. Where to grow your herbs. Winter herbs. What to grow in a fall garden. Interseasonal interplanting.

Don Rosenberg goes over the five most common gardening mistakes.  (23:30)

Space needed for a home garden. Avoiding weed seeds. Synthetic vs. Organic fertilizers. Upside down tomatoes. Planting at the wrong times. Starting seeds indoors, yes or no? Planting too close together? Watering basics.

Don Rosenberg tells you everything you need to grow productive blueberries.  (18:30)

Blueberries are an easy crop to grow for a homeowner. Soil requirements. Blueberry varieties and maturity times. Sunlight requirements. How to plant blueberries. Soil amendments, acidic organic fertilizers. Ensuring good drainage. Soil mulch. Yearly soil amendments. Blueberry pruning. Planting times for fall. Getting your kids involved.

Don Rosenberg introduces a new concept in raised bed gardens. (36:00)

Planting times for warmer climates. Winter tasks. Canning vs. eating fresh produce. Home grown vs. store bought. Saving time in your garden. Different types of raised beds. Introducing new fabric beds. Gardening in native soils? Getting kids involved. Heirloom seeds. Fabric gardens advantages – extra oxygen, “air pruning.” Cooling properties in the summer, warmer in the fall, less expensive. Which is better, lots of small gardens or one big farm? Getting kids involved and influencing future generations. Fabric bed sizes and costs. Starting seeds inside or outdoors? Tips for each planting zone.

Don Rosenberg explains why people need to learn how to cook what they grow. (46:00)

We need to find ways to make it easy for people to live well. Trends with chefs and organic gardening. What to grow in a small garden. People don’t know how to grow their food, or COOK what they grow. Problems growing in native soil. New fabric raised beds. Spreading the word to lower income communities. Solutions for apartments. Economic approaches to family issues. Planting times based on your last frost dates. Avoiding basic gardening mistakes. Organic vs. fresh. Happy hour game.

Don Rosenberg answers questions about the most popular garden vegetable. (26:15)

Why store-bought tomatoes taste horrible. Why home grown tomatoes can’t be sold in stores. When to plant tomatoes. Seeds vs. Transplants. Don’t buy transplants early. Do you need organic transplants? Problems with “traditional approaches” to growing tomatoes. How to get healthy plants. “The enemy of a healthy garden is wet leaves.” Suckers, yes or no. Wire cages? How to grow an 18 foot tomato that’s 7 feet tall. How to tie up a tomato plant. Synthetic vs. organic fertilizers. Why tomatoes might not set fruit. Three types of tomatoes. How to help tomatoes survive a hot spell. Why blooms fall off your tomatoes. How much room do tomatoes need to grow? Upside down tomatoes? How to save soil in a whiskey barrel.

Don Rosenberg tells you everything about heirloom seeds. (25:00)

What are heirloom seeds? The story behind Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. Other heirloom varieties. Heirloom seeds are chosen for their history, appearance, and flavor. The history of new seed varieties. Origin of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Synthetic vs. organic fertilizers. Breeding crops for mass production. New farming techniques. Heirloom seeds from other countries and cultures. Getting kids and families involved. Monoculture vs. new farming approaches.

Don Rosenberg answers listener questions about summer vegetable gardens. (28:30)

E. coli problems with home gardens? Good cooking safety techniques. How often do you water your tomatoes? Why do blooms fall off my tomatoes? Helping tomatoes survive through hot weather. Automated watering, yes or no? Why are my tomatoes tiny? Why are red peppers so expensive? Why do my peppers grow tall with no fruit? What is blossom end rot for tomatoes? Can you grow tomatoes year round? Why are my tomato leaves turning yellow and then brown? Wire cages, yes or no? Growing potatoes in a big cylinder.

Don Rosenberg explains the value of getting your kids involved in gardening. (24:30)

Having an easy, productive garden in small spaces. Is there an easy vegetable to grow? Reasons to garden with kids. Problems with traditional gardening methods. School gardens. What age to get your kids started? Fresh vegetables vs. organic vegetables. Which is better? How did Don get started with gardening? Old and new knowledge in gardening. Micro-projects to get kids involved. Best planting times. Seasonal interplanting. Getting kids excited by heirloom seeds.

Don Rosenberg discusses fall gardening issues. (33:45)

Fall garden planting times. Fall crops list. How to make small raised beds very productive. Cool season crops list. Dealing with whiteflies. Pesticides effects on the soil. Holistic approach to farming and food production. Using new soil vs. existing soil. Raised beds, new soil, organic fertilizers. Making gardening easy. Why fresh is better. Food deserts. Beneficial insects.

Don Rosenberg shares his tips and tricks for successful herb gardening. (29:20)

What kind of soil do you need for herbs? Where to plant them. Herbs’ deer repellent effect. Herb varieties. Soil recipe. How to conserve on expensive soil. Seeds vs. transplants. Planting times. Indoor growing. Do you need organic seeds or transplants? Cautions about using herbs for medicinal purposes without training or support.

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Get the Garden Tapes for Just $9.97! (Regular Price $27.97)