Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden


Rabbits cause lots of garden damage. You leave your lettuce and spinach in the evening and in the morning all that’s left are little green stumps – very frustrating! The good news is that rabbits are easier to repel than deer. In fact, the most common ingredient in commercial repellants is something you can buy at the garden center. Blood meal is just that – dried blood. Sounds awful, but the smell drives rabbits away and it’s also an organic fertilizer. Even better is the fact that it costs a lot less than commercial repellants – a five pound bag might be $5, vs. $15. The only problem is that you may have to reapply after a rain, but it’s fertilizer, so it does some good for your garden.

There have been significant advances in organic controls for deer, rabbits, squirrels and even dogs and cats. One company I heartily recommend is, which has a full line of safe sprays you can use directly on edible plants.