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Raised Beds & Trellis Beds

Raised beds are the best way to make gardening easy. For more info see Raised Beds and the Benefits of Growing Vertically with Trellis Beds.

3′ x 8′ Trellis bed




Choosing the materials for the frames.

It took a lot of research to decide on the perfect material for the frames of our raised beds. Plain wood attracts termites and other bugs and will rot in a season or two. Railroad ties have creosote, which is a poison. Composite decking materials contain wood fiber and attract mold when in constant contact with soil. It can be cleaned, but it is difficult.






3×8 Raised Bed


Three designs are available, a standard 3’x8′ bed, and a 3’x8′ trellis bed and a new 3’x4′ elevated bed. (Dimensions are outside measurements.)

We now offer the trellis and raised bed kits with a food-grade organic stain applied!








Elevated cedar bed 3′ x 4′