Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Home Gardening Planning

gardenlayout1An important part of the Instant Organic Garden process is to talk with your family and have you go over a list of vegetables you’d like to grow. See our page called Which Crops to Grow? for details on how we pick the plants you want.

You can now do the entire process online by going doing our Online Veggie Quiz. You’ll see each group of vegetables and get details information about each variety.

We head back to the computer and use the information you’ve provided to come with a customized planting plan for your garden for each of the next four seasons. This makes planting your garden a cinch – sort of “paint by numbers” using seeds!

Different families will have different garden layouts for one, two or three beds of different sizes and the price of the design work is included in the cost of each raised bed.






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