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Wireless Deer Fence Usage Instructions

The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent System Is Easy To Use!wireless deer fence

How Many Posts Do I Need For My Yard And Garden?

It is difficult to be exact about how many posts are needed. The best strategy is to put a post wherever you think a deer will find it as they browse.

Positioning The  Posts

For best results, place posts:

  1. On deer paths into the area. If you know where the deer are coming in, try to intercept them on their way into the area away from your flowers and garden.
  2. On deer paths within the area. Wherever you see tracks or droppings.
  3. Around things that deer like. Wherever you see deer damage.

As a general rule, the posts could be placed between 5 and 25 feet apart. This distance varies widely depending on terrain, existing barriers, landscaping, etc. The number of posts required and the placement is not an exact science, it is more an art and intuition. The deer are not always predictable.

If you put out more posts, the deer will be more likely to find a post sooner.

Deer Control System Training Period

The deer have to find a post and touch it. This does not always happen right away, and there is a training period. If you use more posts you will have a shorter training period. If you are only using a few posts it will take longer to train all the deer.

When a deer touches a post it will initially stay far away from the area. Over a period of time the deer will calm down and come closer but they will generally stay 30-40 feet away. The distance the deer stay away depends on how wild the deer are.

Testing the System

Testing the deer repellent posts produces a spark. DO NOT TEST IN AN EXPLOSIVE ENVIRONMENT.

The circuit used in the Wireless Deer Fencing posts are very dependable, having a very low failure rate. However, each post should be tested to be sure that it is working.

  1. Install batteries according to installation instructions. Wait about 1 hour for several charge cycles to occur.
  2. Using the insertion/testing tool provided, cross between any two adjacent wire electrodes at the top of the post.
  3. Carefully observe the contact points for a small spark. The spark can be difficult to see in very bright locations.

Test only according to these directions. Touching the electrodes with your finger is not a reliable test because of the great variance in the resistance of skin due to differences in thickness and moisture. You can also test use a volt meter set on 500 volts DC.

System Maintenance

About once a month you should replace the scented resin tubes in the Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent posts and check to see that the posts are sparking and clean of spiders, insects, or debris. Be sure that the posts do not become overgrown with vegetation. You can move the posts to better protect vulnerable plants as the seasons change. Change the batteries once a year or more often to keep the voltage output higher.

Installation Instructions

1. Insert batteries.

To open battery case, hold the top and bottom pieces and carefully pull the pieces apart while gently twisting or rocking them side to side. The case may pop apart suddenly, so avoid hitting anything. Insert two AA batteries, making sure the polarity is correct and the contacts are made. To reassemble the case, press the halves together firmly until seated using a slight twisting motion. Batteries are not included. Battery life is six months to one year. If you change the batteries more often it will keep the voltage output higher.


WARNING! This device will be charged in about 12 minutes after the batteries are inserted.


2. Insert scented resin tube.


Remove a scented resin tube from package. Gently push the insertion tool into the end of resin tube and turn clockwise just enough to hold resin tube onto tool. Holding post by stem below the electrodes, push attached resin tube gently onto the retainer spike in the middle of the electrodes (see diagram). Twist insertion tool counterclockwise to release the resin tube.

Replace resin tubes about once a month. To remove used resin tubes turn the insertion tool clockwise into the used tube. Continue turning clockwise and pull gently to remove old resin tube from retainer spike. Discard used resin tube in trash.

3. Position Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent posts to protect your yard and garden from deer.