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Wireless Deer Fence Testimonials

wireless deer fenceThese Are Unsolicited Testimonials From Satisfied Customers Who Have Purchased Over 150,000 Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repllent Posts Since the Year 2000
Princeton NJ

I have to say the units have done an excellent job at reducing the deer numbers.  We are now doing them on a trial basis on our other job sites which is allowing me to back off on the use of the  very expensive Deer Scram.  Tried 3 of the Havahart version but they are horrible.  Have to re-scent the cotton after a rain or irrigation and apparently if they get condensation in them you have to dry them out.  Also, they are noticeable in the landscape. Will not use them again.

We still have a few deer because we have pushed them out into the road and them come in from that direction and I have no way of blocking that….but the plants we put them near are not touched.

I think the real trial will be this winter but so far so good!  Also, thanks again for great customer service!

Horseshoe Bend, AR

The two boxes of posts arrived Friday, and I am amazed at the results. Even the one yearling buck that was so aggressive that my neighbors were going to shoot it hasn’t been back. I had tried everything else I knew of to get rid of that buck, and it still kept coming back. Really taught it a lesson, eh? I wish that I had known of your product sooner-maybe I wouldn’t still be struggling with Lyme disease…

Snellville, GA

I just received my second order. I had been using them successfully in NJ before moving to GA and a larger property. It appears that the Georgia deer also stay away from them! Replacement of the batteries gave them new life for the fourth year of use. Your product is just as you claim.

Port Republic, MD

Your system is truly fantastic … last Sunday I had the unique privilege of watching one get zapped … they never returned while I was away, and the garden is doing great … just down the road I saw a herd of about 15 deer in a large pasture … bucks and does … they are definitely staying away from here for a reason, and it’s not because I’m staying up all night to scare them off. Thanks again for a well-designed deer repellent that really works … I will highly recommend it to everyone needing to repel deer.

Potomac, MD

Deer were eating my rose blossoms just as they were ready to bring inside. I installed the system , and for a few days the deer continued to eat my roses. Then one day I saw a deep hoof print next to one of the WDF stakes, and my roses didn’t get eaten any more! One summer, though, my WDFs stopped working. I realized that I hadn’t changed the lures, which you’re supposed to do every month. So I changed them, and once again, no more rose damage!

I’m an electrical engineer, and I’m impressed by the simple, durable design of the WDF and its sturdy construction.

Hanover, MA

Just wanted to let you folks know that your Wireless Deer Fence works great. I had a severe deer problem … they were eating thousands of dollars worth of my shrubbery, eating my vegetable garden, bedding down for the night in my front lawn, etc. I tried all kinds of remedies (coyote urine, foil pans, etc.), but none of them worked.

…(When using the Wireless Deer Fence) I sprayed very little this season and had no deer eating any of my shrubs or vegetables … but they got my neighbor’s fruit trees and vegetables.

The best part … it doesn’t hurt the deer. I still get to watch them grazing and frolicking about beyond the stone wall, on my neighbors property. They don’t come into my yard anymore. Good job, folks. I just ordered 9 more.

Raritan, NJ

Thought you will enjoy these pictures of our garden. This is the third year of using the Wireless Deer fence; the result speaks for itself.

Feel free to use them as testimony on your Website.

Andover, NJ

I purchased the deer sticks back in March ’08. I just wanted to tell you, I have put in some new plantings, trying to choose things the deer don’t like, but beyond that, my older plantings as well as the new are thriving for the first time. I have one fire bush that has never been able to get to a foot high, even with the plastic mesh; they just pushed it down to get to the leaves. It is now a record two feet high. I also have a beautyberry that was one of their first choices last year, and it is also untouched.

Yesterday I removed the final pieces of plastic mesh and can now enjoy my plants without them looking like they are packed for shipping! I also touched the sticks with the side of my arm in error while weeding, so if it stunned me like that, I can’t imagine how it feels on their tongue!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I will keep you updated as the year progresses.

Syracuse, NY

Thank you very much for replacing the post sight unseen. I love your service. And your deer fence! We grew veggies in our front yard. Our hostas, just across the sidewalk, were nicely trimmed all season long, but lost only a few tomatoes early in the season. Last week, just before I harvested all our remaining Swiss Chard, we saw 6 deer wandering across the street. This is our second season of success!  (Now if only you could get rid of the routes that come from our maple tree by the road.)

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Syracuse, NY

Thanks, so much. I’m sure you would be pleased to know a bit more about our apparent success in using these units. We live in a residential area in Syracuse, NY. Our vegetable garden takes up most of our front yard.

We purchased the Wireless Deer Fence because every year we would lose veggies to the deer. Because the garden is in the front of the house, we didn’t want to put up anything unsightly [as a] barrier, but it was getting harder to find the motivation to plant a garden that might be decimated.

This year, my wife, who is the primary gardener, refused to start the garden unless we could figure out how to repel the deer. After some research, and despite the cost, we decided to purchase 6 units.

So far, so good. We have seen deer in our driveway, right next to the garden, have seen other evidence of them being there, and have found some damage to some of the plants just outside the area we are protecting.

But the best evidence that they are working is that other gardeners in the area report that they have been having significant deer trouble this year.

So, thanks.

Orient, NY

I have a large asparagus bed, about 75 feet by 12 feet, in eastern New York. The deer population is bad enough out here that it prompts town hall meetings to try and figure out control methods! The herd in my neighborhood have slowly developed a taste for my asparagus … I lost 10% one year, 25% the next, then 40% the following. Well, I could see where this was going. Discouraged at the prospect of tall fencing and the eyesore it would be, I thought I’d try your product. Put 3 posts in the first year and saw an immediate drop to about 15% loss. Added 6 more this year, and after a short training period I have lost 0%. None. Zip. Nada. Not a single spear eaten! That’s impressive. An excellent investment. Good job!

Williamsville, NY

I have 3 of your products and they exceeded my expectations. In the past I’ve used liquid products to varying degrees of success and failure.

As we all know, deer like tulips. It’s often referred to as ‘deer candy.’ This year is the first time in over 3 years that we’ve seen the full bloom cycle of our tulips. Your product protected the tulips from the deer.

McCormick, SC

You guys are unbelievable. If you ever need a customer endorsement, let me know.

Leesburg, VA

I heartily support your humane approach to deer control and have been telling all my friends about it.

Manakin Sabot, VA

This product works extremely well: no more damage to trees after installing your product. We have security cameras and watched deer doing back flips after sniffing the device. Your product has saved us $1500 by preventing damage to trees we had to replace due to deer damage. 100% satisfied with your product.

I have told everyone that has experienced deer damage to buy your product.


Harrisonburg, VA

Wanted to say again how much we enjoy watching the deer stay away from the garden. They have definitely been trained although we have only seen one get shocked once.

Harrisonburg, VA

Let me start by saying how exited we are about your product! For years we have been trying everything to deter the deer from eating our garden. For the first time our peas bloomed and produced without being trimmed by deer. For the first time we have all our original tomato plants still growing. For the first time our hostas have matured without being mowed off. And the growing bean plants have not been touched. We watched with glee just the other day as a deer was shocked at the corner of the garden. We still see deer in our backyard, but they do not come close to the things protected by the Wireless Deer Fence. Your product is all that you say it is. We were skeptical but ready to try anything. It was a big reason my wife wanted to move since gardening is a great love of hers and she was so depressed when the deer ate up her hard work!!! Now we don’t have to move.

Orange, VA

I have been using your deer fences for a full year, and in the middle of the worst drought in memory with deer all around us did not have any visiting our garden. Works like a charm!

Huntington, WV

I just wanted to let you know we are delighted with our wireless fence. So far the deer tracks are heavy from running away from the posts. We have had at least three different hits in our area. I can’t imagine what our garden and flowers would look like without your product. Thank you so much. We will order more next year.