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Wireless Deer Fence Safety Notes

The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent is very safe. The amount of energy delivered by the Wireless Deer Fence is far too low to cause any damage or problems other than a momentary discomfort. The shock is startling, but it is harmless.

The System Is A Very Low Amperage Deer Training Device

The maximum amount of electrical energy that the posts can deliver is less than 0.15 joules in 12-14 minutes. Because the system recharges itself only every 11-12 minutes, there is no possibility of repeated or continuous shocks.

The System Is Safer Than Any Electric Fence

Some powerful electric fences can deliver 25 joules every second, so in 30 minutes this type of fence charger would deliver an incredible 112,000 times more energy than the Wireless Deer Fence deer control method could deliver in the same 30 minutes. The deterrent works without the excessive power outputs of electric fences because it delivers its energy precisely to the deer’s nose. Also, the circuit path of the Wireless Deer Fence is short and the resistance is low, so a small amount of energy produces a large effect.

Safe for Children and Animals

The posts have a brightly colored cap as a warning not to touch, and the posts can be easily removed from an area when children or pets are present.

Children should be warned about the devices, and small children should be closely supervised around the devices.

Dogs should be warned and trained to leave the devices alone. If a dog should contact the electrodes of the device, the shock is uncomfortable but harmless, and they quickly learn never to touch the devices.

Hummingbirds have been observed checking out the blue plastic top on the posts, but no contact has been reported. It would be unlikely for a hummingbird to make contact with both electrode wires simultaneously. If it did it would not receive a shock because of the high resistance of the bird’s dry beak. If the bird did receive a shock it would not be hurt because of the very low amount of energy delivered.

Other Safety Considerations

If the posts were to be sprayed with a water hose, it would be discharged harmlessly, without any possibility of an electric shock to the person holding the hose. Again, this is in contrast to the situation with an electric deer fence, which presents a large danger of a shock if sprayed with a hose.

Since there are no wires, the system cannot accidentally entrap deer like fencing or meshes have been known to do. Deer are free to flee the area immediately after contact.


  • The posts will be charged about 12 minutes after the batteries are inserted. Avoid contact with the electrodes!
  • The  posts can shock you even with batteries removed since the capacitor is still charged up! To completely discharge a post, short across the electrode wires with the insertion/testing tool after removing batteries!