Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Home Gardening Services

We offer a three step process that starts with home garden planning, heirloom vegetable selection, and complete home garden installation, and continues with ongoing home gardening support throughout the next twelve months.

We will…

1. discuss the placement of your raised bed garden, heirloom vegetable varieties, different home garden styles, garden size, and generate a four-season home gardening plan.

2. install your complete home garden, including the frame for a raised bed trellis or flat bed garden, perfectly balanced weedless soil, along with slow release organic fertilizer and soil amendments.

3. support you throughout the growing season with reminder emails, hints and tips, and answers to your home gardening questions. Optional visits at the end of each season to help plant the next season’s crop can also be arranged.

All you have to do is pull an occasional weed, tend to your plants, water as needed, and reap your vegetable garden harvest!

Here’s the process…

Getting Started. Learn the basics of what you’ll need in order to have a home garden – locations, sunlight, garden size and what to do with slopes and hills.

Veggie Quiz. You and your family can take the veggie quiz to see which heirloom vegetables you’d like to grow in your home garden.

Home Garden Planning. We’ll be in touch to work out a customized layout for your family’s home garden.

Installation. We’ll set up a time to install your home garden and show you the basics of home gardening, planting and watering.

Ongoing Home Gardening Support. You’ll have access to the member side of our website where you can see more detailed information on the care and harvesting of different crops. You can also contact us by phone and email with questions you may have.

For helpful emails and news about Instant Organic Garden, join our Facebook Group on this page. You can ask organic gardening questions, read posts and chat with others interested in making home gardening easy.

Instant Organic Garden makes home gardening easy!