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Big Blend Video Interview! Announcing Fabric Raised Beds

Here’s a great video interview with Big Blend Magazine talking about my approach to making gardening easy for everyone, even if you have only a deck or patio. I introduce the concept of fabric raised beds and the reasons they work so well!


Video Contents:


How to make gardening easy

Can we plant now?

Should we start seeds indoors?

Fresh produce vs. canning


Labeling at farmers markets

Home gardening needs to be easy

New approach to family gardening

We can help you anywhere in the country!

Raised beds and weedless soil

Website support – sunlight, placement, garden planning, advice

Cedar raised beds

Introducing fabric raised beds!

Work anywhere, including decks and patios

Super-easy to set up

Organic Gardening Magazine

Starting with new soil

Getting your kids involved in gardening

Heirloom seeds

Fabric raised bed benefits…

Roots are cooler

More oxygen and water reaches the roots

Air pruning

Cooler in the summer, warmer in spring and fall


Instant Organic Garden national services

The future of our children and healthy food

Getting involved with schools – fabric gardens are more affordable

Choosing the right soil mixes

Set up time

Conclusions and goodbyes!