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Announcing Fabric Raised Beds!

A revolutionary new garden concept that

will REINVENT raised bed gardening…

EZ-Gro Fabric Raised Beds!

You’ll have a faster-growing garden with a

bigger harvest than you thought possible!

Watch the video here!

It’s the easiest raised bed garden to set up – no assembly of any sort is required! Just unfold it on any level surface, yard, deck or patio, fill with soil, and you have an Instant Organic Garden!

Avoid the digging, tilling and weeding of traditional in-ground gardens. Perfect for houses with small yards or limited areas with six hours of sunlight!

They are much more affordable than traditional raised beds made from wood or plastic, and if you move, just remove the soil and take it with you.

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The secret is the specially engineered EZ-Gro fabric. It’s highly durable, UV resistant, and offers perfect drainage. The fabric allows air to reach the roots. This is very important because oxygen is essential for plant growth and in a traditional raised bed garden, some soils don’t offer good air flow.

lettuce in greenhouse comparison 2 medium

This lettuce was planted from the same seed in the same soil on the same day. Left side, pots in a raised bed. Right side, 2’x2′ Fabric Raised Bed!

EZ-Gro™ fabric gardens allow for “air pruning.” In pots or planters, plant roots grow up to the edge and start to circle around, and the plants can become pot-bound, resulting in poor growth and an increased likelihood of disease. Often, the gardener must remove a plant from a pot and prune the roots for healthier growth. In a fabric garden the roots grow to the outside edge, sense the presence of air, and evenly fill the rest of the bed.

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The EZ-Gro fabric allows the roots to stay cooler. Fabric containers can reduce the root temperature by up to 33° in summer conditions due to evaporative cooling.

EZ-Gro fabric is durable and inert. There is no wood to rot or attract termites, no preservatives to leech into the soil. The material is 100% Polypropylene petroleum based fiber, which is totally inert. Polypropylene is the material of choice for safe containers in the food industry. The carbon black in the fabric makes the material UV resistant. For research info on fabric gardens click here.

EZ-Gro gardens are great for growing herbs as well. Just use a different soil mix and you’ll have all the herbs you need for your entire family!

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Fabric containers have been used by nurserymen for over twenty years. For research info on fabric gardens click here. EZ-Gro™ Gardens are built to look good and are highly weather resistant. Seams are reinforced to add durability and long life. The beds are self supporting and will keep their shape without any slumping or sagging.

EZ-Gro™ Gardens come in several sizes to meet the needs of every gardener.


Rectangular Beds are 2’x4’, 3’x6’ and 4’x8’

Square Beds are 2’x2’, 3’x3’ and 4’x4’

choose fabric bed now small

For research info on fabric gardens click here.

For assembly instructions, watch the video here.