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Shawn Studer, San Diego, CA

Shawn Studer, San Diego, CAShawn Studer: Blending a life’s passion with the unbridled growing ability of Southern California.
Most of his life, San Diego Instant Organic Garden affiliate Shawn Studer remembers being told by others to “find his passion” and “do what you love”. With two decades working in the airline industry he had little idea what that meant until he became enamored with organic gardening. Living for the past ten years in East Texas where organically grown vegetables were in short supply, he studied organic gardening as a hobby, and soon realized he loved both the nature of gardening and the ability to grow wholesome foods without the dangers of pesticides and chemical lacing of typical commercially grown produce. He applied himself to learning as much as possible on the subject and applying that knowledge in the field.

After growing his own vegetables and comparing his successful efforts to his neighbors who did not use organic methods, Shawn became aware of the need to spread the word about organic gardening and he invested himself in the effort. He began to learn more about the food supply and teach others about the benefits of organic gardening. He has always been interested in teaching so the progression from student to teacher was seamless.

Upon moving to San Diego, Shawn took the final step and became a full fledged Instant Organic Garden affiliate, so he can represent the products, the methods and teach clients how to raise their own vegetables at home, at their business, school or other facility without unnecessary chemicals.

Holding a doctorate in Spiritual Education, Shawn readily applies his spiritual side to his organic gardening passion. This is apparent in his teaching ability and his immediate rapport with clients. Shawn is proud to be the affiliate for the San Diego region and looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the area’s residents.



Shawn can be reached at 760-707-6200 or by email using our contact us form.