Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Eric Eitel, Southern Maryland Area

eric at garden square Eric Eitel was raised in a rural section of Southern Maryland. Growing up, he spent a lot of time outdoors, developing a love for nature and an enduring interest in plants. He would often help on his family’s 1500 acre farm in Western Kansas, was a member of the horticulture club, and studied Botany and Biology in college.

Eric said, “My life has been linked to plants for as long as I can remember. As the only son of a 3rd generation farmer, growing things is in my blood.” He recently returned from spending over four years assisting his father commercially produce corn, wheat, and soybeans. Eric now hopes to help families produce their own food using the lessons he’s learned.

“It’s my goal to help make nutritious, fresh, tasty vegetables available to as many people as possible, especially if they have growing children,” he said.

As a father of two himself, Eric was disturbed to learn of record rates of childhood obesity and other nutrition related diseases.

“Many of today’s commercial producers care little about taste or nutritional value in the crops they choose to grow. It is vital that children get the nutrients they need from fresh vegetables.”

“I want to show as many people as possible how easy, fun, and nutritionally beneficial it can be to have a backyard garden. Let me bring the produce department to your doorstep.”

Eric is also an ACE certified personal trainer who specializes in mind-body exercise. He is married, with two young children.

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