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Don Rosenberg, Charlotte, NC

Don with Onion Harvest

Don Rosenberg has memories from his early childhood shelling peas with his grandfather on his back porch and later watching him grow tomatoes in his garden in Florida. Later, as an owner of a chain of retail music stores, he worked from home and began growing vegetables in his back yard for his own family. He enjoyed the fresh vegetables, but his schedule didn’t allow him much time to spend in the garden, so he began a search for ways to make gardening as little work as possible.

After spending 27 years in the music industry, Don Rosenberg was ready for a change. He decided to start a new business based on something he had grown to love – organic gardening. He realized that many people want to grow their own family gardens but don’t have a lot of time to spend or the expertise on how to get started.

So, in November of 2006, he founded Instant Organic Garden in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has turned it into a business that makes it easy for anyone to have a garden, even beginners. It’s especially appropriate for today’s busy lifestyle. Don talks with each family, helps determine the best site for a garden and comes up with a four season garden plan. The beds are installed complete with weedless, organic soil and organic fertilizers. All that remains is planting seeds and watering. He includes twelve months of online, email and phone support.

Don received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Virginia and is a North Carolina Master Gardener. He writes a regular column for a local publication, The Charlotte Weekly , called “Easy Growing. ” He lives in Charlotte, NC and has two teenage sons. He enjoys fishing, canoeing, hiking and tennis. He talks to groups on entrepreneurship and business planning as well as gardening.


Don Rosenberg is the founder of Instant Organic garden.

He can be reached at 704-910-6498 or by email using our contact us form.